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what is volatile, static ? how would it affect if the static keyword used for big array inside a function? what are sections of memory and what kind of variable is stored where?

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if Volatile used then the compiler dont consider to optimize that variable . Assume that a variable changed at the time of running . But some compiler optimized .to avoid that we use volatile. Static is the keyword which is used to initialized to once that means extra burden for a compiler to keep the variable .and permanantly allocate space in stack.if you diclare static array then stack overflow will occur.

Just clarify one thing, the static variables within a function are not allocated to the function or thread's stack, instead, they are allocated to BSS area, just like other global variables. so it won't affect their function too much.

static variable is not stored on stack.

For the face to face interview, be prepared to be grilled on your basics. Relating to socket programming, TCP/IP concepts, security actions you would take in certain scenarios and firewalls.

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how does a bootloader work? what is priority inversion and how it is solved ?compare the ways

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implemented memory cache - get object from cache, create new one using a provided callback if not present, if cache full make space by writing least used cache to disk

puzzle: if there are 72 legs in total and there are 28 animals involving chickens and horses , how many are horses and how many chickens, solve without using equations? How does a vending machine work, describe blocks and what are funtions just to see if I can break down problem into small modules and analyse

Multiple kind of questions, both technical and personal.

how does a packet travel between two hosts connected in same network?what is subnet mask?

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how to make an OS real time ? name few RTOSs how to make memcopy fast? code was written over board and had to identify problems in it like memory leak , accessing memory location which is not allocated

ask me about SQL injection and XSS attack and XSF attack; question about network security

First Phone Screen - OS questions, Data structures, Security questions, Buffer Overflow, Memory Leak, Explain projects in your Resume, Semaphore vs Mutex

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