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  • "They provide great benefits and you get a lot of exposure if interested in full time corporate role(in 4810 reviews)
  • "Work/Life balance is good and entirely up to you make it what you want it to be(in 3486 reviews)
  • "Some really great people working in the Inside sales teams and the building is fantastic.(in 3445 reviews)
  • "Microsoft has Great Culture and Support!(in 2094 reviews)
  • "The Good pay and bonus and they're always finding ways to give money to employees.(in 1423 reviews)
  • "Bad managers abound and there is not much remedy for that except for leaving the job.(in 1177 reviews)
  • "life balance in hardware due to frequent unplanned work travel and evening calls; bloated meetings; some poor management(in 898 reviews)
  • "Long hours you have to wait till the last customer leave it’s energy consuming some of the customers are unrespectful(in 380 reviews)
  • "Too much politics and exchange of favors rather then meritocracy seriously affect the possibilities to grow and develop inside the company.(in 261 reviews)
  • "Bad middle management(in 217 reviews)

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Updated Oct 1, 2023

    1. 5.0
      Oct 1, 2023
      Senior Software Engineer
      Current Employee
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Varies team to team, but overall deep care about WLB.


      Sometimes hard for people to be motivated to work.

      1. 4.0
        Jan 28, 2013
        Anonymous Employee
        Current Employee, more than 10 years
        Redmond, WA
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        1. If you love tech, this is a great place. No doubt you'll talk tech (mostly the MSFT stack) from enterprise to consumer - from PCs to phones to Xboxes - from datacenter to desktop. 2. What were GREAT benefits are now VERY GOOD (took a small step down) but still probably better than you'll find at 99% of large corporations. If you've got family - the value of the benefits is even higher. 401k match is nice. 3. Even with it's struggles MSFT is still a cash printing machine. This means if you can keep your nose clean and do reasonable work, you can have a stable job, pay your bills, feed your family, and not worry (too much) about layoffs. The stock you own likely won't tank, but probably won't go up much either. You'll get a bonus each year and some stock. It's a decent life if you aren't looking to light the world on fire.


        Brand on Your Resume: After many years of losing market share and struggling to be at the front end of innovation and the fact that there's 90,000 employees, don't think MSFT is necessarily going to be attractive on your resume to more agile and smaller companies. Managing Your Career: Make you say this out loud so it registers - 90,000 employees work there. Double that for vendors. It is VERY hard to "stand out" and move up in the company. Don't expect your manager to be much of an advocate or enabler to help you meet your career goals - they are basically trying to survive the stack rank every year too. Not familiar with the stack rank? Check out the 2012 Vanity Fair article called "Microsoft's Lost Decade".

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