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Associate Software Engineer Developer Interview Questions


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find union and intersection for 2 arrays without using sets/other data structure

2 Answers

how can u solve algo question without data structure?

Are those arrays sorted?

find the duplicate in an array list

1 Answer

An array of strings, and each string is connected by an edge if they differ by one character. Find if there is a path between two strings.

1 Answer

What drives you to want to code? And what is the most difficult challenge you've faced during a project?

1 Answer

1. Big O notation 2. Operation system functionality 3. Difference in object orientation between java or C# VS javascript. 4. Difference between == and === in javascript.

Write a program to find whether the expression is balanced in any language.

They didn't really ask me any questions, just more of a group screening type deal.

Give an array int that can contain any numbers proceed to give an array of unqiue numbers and the count of said numbers