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How to use concurrency to make matrix multiply computation faster? what is the complexity?

3 Answers

make each row of left matrix and each column of right matrix to be an independent thread. complexity is O(n^3).

If it's a 4x4 matrix & you're running on modern processing hardware then don't use threads at all... Use a single SIMD matrix multiply instruction...

check Foxes and Cannon's algorithmes. With the case of Fox algorithm the matrix is divided by sqrt(p), where p - is number of processes. Then, for each submatrix, with separate process computes subresult element C (Cij+=Aik* Bkj ). The rows of matrix A are being shifted right (i+j mod p positions), and columns of matrix B being shifted upwards. Repeat, until i<p. Time complexity = O(n^2) with n processors

How is allocated memory free'd in C++?

3 Answers

Do I know the main difference between C and c++

1 Answer

find union and intersection for 2 arrays without using sets/other data structure

2 Answers

find the duplicate in an array list

1 Answer

Write a SQL statement to retrieve all users and their info from the database where the last name starts with 'A'

1 Answer

Tell me about your self.

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There are N number of soccer teams, who must all play against each other in a set amount of time (amount of time is irrelevant). Find a way to schedule their games in such a way that there is equal amount of time between games for each team, i.e. all teams get same amount of rest between each game.

1 Answer

Very Standard. Google it online.

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An array of strings, and each string is connected by an edge if they differ by one character. Find if there is a path between two strings.

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