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Interview 1: Difference between TCP and UDP. What is volatile keyword? What does it do? How does a compiler handle a volatile keyword? What problems would happen if we don't use volatile keyword?

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Interview 2: static keyword? How does an OS handle it? What's a module in C? How to write a module? What is inline function? Advantages? How does an OS/memory handle inline functions? How does a register work? why is it fast? How many variables can u declare in register?

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what's the advantage of using pointers? why? What is an alias pointer? Advantage? disadvantage? How to prevent pointer aliasing? What is virtual memory? How does memory mapping occur? advantages of virtual memory? What are semaphores? Why do we use them? What is page fault? How does it happen? prevention?

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Tell me about your embedded programming experience.

Whats the use of pointer? How does pointers help in the program efficiency?

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