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Write a program to test endianess of storage.

3 Answers

I described a method that placed a 1 byte word into a 2 byte address. If the word was matched in the upper MSB, it was Big endian, otherwise small endian.

use union property to judge if it is big endian or little endian.

#define LITTLE_ENDIAN 0 #define BIG_ENDIAN 1 int EndiannessTest() { int i = 1; char *p = (char *) &i; if (p[0] == 1) // Lowest address contains the least significant byte return LITTLE_ENDIAN; else return BIG_ENDIAN; }

About assembly implementation of spinlock?

3 Answers

Describe a time when you had a technical disagreement you felt strongly about, with another person on your team, and how you handled this.

2 Answers

Why do we use volatile in C

2 Answers

Datastructure that is accessed by both int handler n exception handler

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"Why are sewer caps round?"

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Implement strcpy function and show me if there are any limitation of this function. what if the 2 buffers passed to the strcpy function overlaps ?

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2. what is virtual function?

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A brain teaser question where we have to find out 45 minutes with the help of two ropes. Given that one rope burns completely in 1 Hr and the rate or burning is not consistent.

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The interview questions were mostly very stock, with some easy technical questions. One question was "how do you instantiate a component in VHDL?". Kind of frustrating as I didn't think this was an entry-level position, and the interview was time-constrained.

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