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S & B Engineers and Constructors
Entry Level Electrical Engineer was asked...March 8, 2018

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

2 Answers

Born and raised Christian in South Georgia , I was raised with the idea that my worth as a man depended on my ability to provide. This hard wired a certain focus and commitment to my work ethic. Right now I am looking for an employer that can provide the work I want to do . Hard manual labor. Electrical engineering isn’t the specific type of engineering I’d prefer to work in , but I’m sadly not qualified for a lot. Less

I talk in detail about myself where I can from. How I made the decision to become and Engineer. My beliefs. And more. Less

Foresight Sports

How would you test an 30+ 3x10 LED array?

1 Answers

Answer may vary but they want multiple mutlimeters doing node analysis

Asian Paints

Related with generation of electricity and transformer and basic concepts

1 Answers

I prepared


Describe a time you had a problem with a co-worker and what did you do to solve it?

1 Answers

How do you building a trusting relationship with another co-worker? Who should be the first one to take charge? Less

Burns & McDonnell

what is the experience or skill you have separates you than other candidates,

1 Answers

my previous job is in the same field


Mention a time when you had a role as a leader?

1 Answers

I mentioned that a few years ago while I was staring college I was a supervisor at a retail store. That was my first big experience as a leader. It was difficult at the beginning because I was very young and some of the old employees didn't like the idea that I was their supervisor. However, after a few months being in the position, everyone was very friendly with me and they realized that I was really prepared for the position and that I performed a very good job. Less

how do your gudslf expertise in other fields apart from technical

1 Answers

I travelled like Parampara Sadgurudev Doctorate Narayana Duty Shrimaliji and had lot of knowledge which is essentially important in the fields while working with team members. plus I do have knowledge to handle pitty issues of medical injuries as an seafarer. Less

Vorbeck Material Corp

What electronic components can be used to protect a circuit?

1 Answers

I answered fuse. Wanted Diode.


Q3: What the difference between Impedance and Resistance?

1 Answers

A3: One enhances current flow and one doesn't.

Southern Company

Describe a time you had to work together with a co-worker to solve a problem.

1 Answers

Although I did not provide the best/most thought out reply, I still provided a specific time when I had to organize my solution to a problem with another department's solution. I discussed the benefits I received from collaboration, and how it could apply to the position I was being interviewed for. Less

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