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What has been your experience in handling teacher evaluation issues?

1 Answer

My first responsibility is to protect the school's best interest, which is often making sure that the teacher is well taken care of. If a teacher is receiving bad evaluations I would investigate to make sure that the bad reports are not ot of the teacher's control and then address the issue to solve it either way: teacher's fault or not.

If you have 9 marbles and one is heavier than the other 8. How can you use only a balance beam to figure out which is the heavy one if you can only use it twice.

7 Answers

If the clock is at 9:30, what angle is it at?

6 Answers

How many times will you write 'nine' if you wrote out the numbers 1 to 100?

6 Answers

Given two die, what is the probability that the sum when rolled would add up to six?

5 Answers

How does raising capital by issuing equity affect the income statement?

3 Answers

What are the three general sections of a cash flow statement

2 Answers

If given the opportunity to invest in the stock market at make a 5x return on your initial investment, would you put all of your money there or into starting your own business?

2 Answers

Four kids in a room of different height. What are the chances they will be in equal order?

3 Answers

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How would you invest $10 million today?

2 Answers
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