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You have a patient come in late for his cardiac rehab appointment. He's clearly rushed in. His HR is 100 BPM and his BP is 180/86. He has already missed 15 minutes of his exercise intervention. What do you do?

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The purpose of his appointment is to help him and make him healthier. You aren't doing him ay favors by stressing him out more. His vitals are within physiological parameters. He's probably just stressed. Have him sit and calm down for a few minutes and retake his vitals.

When can you start if offered the position?

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The owner asked questions he came up with that would be typical of most interviews.

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How does this rehab compare to the other rehab you worked at?

Will inquire about ECG experience.

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How did you choose cardiopulmonary rehabilitation as a career direction?

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If you could change 2 things about yourself, what would they be?

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The interview process went generally like any other they have there typical questions, whats your strengths, weaknesses, how can you make a impact in the company and what is something you can bring to the table no one else can. They explain the History of the company, their culture, and daily expectations. You will then be given a full 12 lead EKG test to determine your competence.

what exercises would you suggest for someone with a shoulder injury

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