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Are you the top coder in class? Undergraduate GPA

1 Answer

I don't know whether that's a good question, I mean why have an interview at all, if GPA is the only criteria (by the way my GPA is pretty decent).

given an unsigned char c, swap every two bits of it

1 Answer

Given two numbers a and b, we have an averaging function (a+b)/2. This function wont work under certain cases. I was supposed to tell the case, and also how to handle it.

2 Answers

Why using C++ to write FW instead of C (relevant to my previous job), compare pros and cons

1 Answer

Renderign Pipeline C++ Linked list questions

1 Answer

Traffic light design in verilog code, Pipelining, one round on system veilog and coding, one round on analyzing Architecture and data related to it, Sequence detector, optimizing the given verilog code, circuit diagram from the code(what will it synthesize to), array questions in Perl.

Programming questions on C. They were pretty easy based on strings, linked list etc. Question on achievements, projects worked on.

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