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The most difficult question was: "Tell us about your experience managing a personnel situation that had a potential legal impact. What role did you play? With whom did you consult? What was the result? " It is difficult to give good examples of these types of situations and maintain confidentiality. This is especially difficult in a campus where there is 6-degrees of separation and most people make the right connection when giving examples even when discretion is used.

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Employee suspended for improper use of governmental property. Employee's response was to file a grievance.

Why were you terminated in your last job.

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The business was located inside of an old gasoline station. There was disorder and cramped quarters everywhere. Hiring manager used the term "we run around here with our hair on fire".

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What employment laws do you know? What is the training process? What is the recruiting process?

Behavior based questions and basic resume/follow-up questions

Why was I coming to the company was the most difficult question.

They asked typical questions like "what are your strengths and weaknesses" and "what would you improve"? Basic questions..

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Tell me about your background.

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