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Mobile Developer (IOS) was asked...September 29, 2013

You are given 9 balls and they look exactly the same in color and physical appearance. You are also given a scale. To make things easy you are given that one of the balls amongst these 9 balls is heavy. How can you find out which ball is heavy with least number of weighings?

2 Answers

3-3-3 is correct answer max weighs would be 2

In 2 weighings you can find. Divide then in to 3 sets. Compare two sets first, then you'll find which set has the heavy ball. In that set take two balls and weigh. Thats it, you got it. Less


Identify and provide two uses cases for and against using HTMl5 over a native mobile application.

1 Answers

-HTML5 for cross-compatibility across platforms. Use Phonegap, jQuery Mobile, Titanium, TideSDK as examples. -HTML5 if future web interface. -Mobile app if you will have features relying on system behaviour (ex, iOS iCloud, Android Play Store, etc.) -Mobile app if users need performance, or if they might be using it offline (but HTML5 offline is still an option) But we are now starting to see a hybrid of these two approaches (ex. Orubase). It really depends on the requirements, and the ability of developers (cost estimates) to do this. Less


Given an array or User (struct), get the top 1k user that is closest to a given location.

1 Answers

I didn't get to answer this but, after my nerve calmed down. func closestUser(_ users: [User], _ closest: Int,_ region:CLLocation)->[User] { let sortedUser = users.sorted { itemA, itemB in region.distance(from: itemA.location) > region.distance(from: itemB.location) } return Array(sortedUser[.. Less


What are your preferred pronouns? (yeah, go figure)

1 Answers

He, She, Her, Him, them


Name and explain one thing you like most about NodeJS and one thing you like least about NodeJS.

1 Answers

Like best: - Scalable - Easy to understand for front-end developers because it's still javascript Like least: - Not bundled with other features included in other environment like Rails. You have to download modules, but why can't these be integrated from the beginning? - Lack of cross-compatibility in modern browsers (bad answer, since he was referring to server-side JS) Less


Identify and explain what a RESTful API is and what it means to you.

1 Answers

Should mention modularity, separation of components, separation of concerns, scalability, identification of resources, resource manipulation via identification, and self-descriptive messages. Less


What kind of candidate they are looking for ?

1 Answers

they haven't select my resume

Orion Health

What do you use to make an app?

1 Answers


App Partner

The phone screen is more about your background, the programming test evaluated how well you can follow directions in a programming situation.

1 Answers

Make exactly what the wireframe and readme files depict, ask questions if you're confused Less

Orion Health

What is polymorphism?

1 Answers

Trash question

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