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What is the worst mistake you have ever hid?

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It was a loaded question. I don't even remember what I answered, but it must have been acceptable because I was hired.

Coding, designing test harness for enterprise scale systems, s/w design skills..

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There was a detailed technical question about a test strategy for a complex system built with a domain-specific language. When I answered in general terms, the interviewer kept pressing for more specifics and detailed examples. I finally realized that she didn't really understand the problem. I confronted her with "This is your job, isn't it? And you don't know how to do it!" She admitted I was right.

1. Draw the architecture of your current project. 2. What did you do in selenium and how would write an automated test ? 3. Issues encountered in selenium web driver. 4. How do you resolve technical aspects of new requirements. ..... And, then few framework based questions. ...... 6. How do you resolve a situation of conflict between you and your boss/colleague 7. How you determine what test should be of what type ? 8. Why should we hire you ?

Using the REST API described in the Help that’s available online, write a program using Java, C#, Python or Ruby to: Run an environment (i.e. run all virtual machines (VMs) in an environment) Suspend an environment Resume a suspended environment Power off an environment Please write test cases in code or document.

They asked me that " why you came so late ? " which was the last question. then firstly i thought where was i late i was reached here before the time. I was not expecting that they were asking me that where were you before today ? why not you came earlier to us ?

Given a product, which KPIs would I present to an investor.

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