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You say that you work very well with developers to solve problems. How would you handle dealing with an extremely difficult engineer who won't acknowledge possible issues with his code and often won't speak with QA at all?

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1. Form a relationship by discussing work when there are no issues. 2. Acknowledge the difficulty and frustrations of the work. Find out what he/she wishes they could change and what would make their lives easier. 3. Ask if you can help in any way? 4. Ask him/her for help which allows them to show off their knowledge. Be appreciative, impressed and thankful. 5. Help them see how you can make them look good by eradicating bugs before customers and management ever see them. 6. Reinforce good behavior. 7. Make #2 happen if you can. Interviewers seemed to like the answer but were very doubtful any of that would ever work with the person they had in mind!

Standards and QA must be everywhere in our life. So, there should be nothing personal. We all work for business. If QA finds that product's feature does not work as it supposed to, then QA Engineer must report it into a bug tracking system. Manager must assign this bug to SW Engieneer which is already a job task that must be done in timely manner.

If you had a great idea to implement something new for a CA software product but management wouldn't take your word on it, how would you convince management to go along with your idea?

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There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?

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You have five bottles with pills. One bottle has 9 gram pills, the others have 10 gram pills. You have a scale that can only be used once. How can you find out which bottle contains the 9 gram pills?

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You have nine coins, eight of which weigh one ounce, and one weighs 1.1 ounces. You have a "judge's scale" with which to weigh them. What are the fewest steps necessary to determine which coin is the 1.1 ounce coin? Illustrate on the white board how you'd solve this problem.

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Write a program printing '"hello World" without semi colon in c.

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how to test a toaster?

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how to find the closest 2 number in an array of unique positive number

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IP subnetting, routing protocol

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Why do you want to work for Apple

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