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2. Swap the two values (int A=5 and int B=3), w/o using a 3rd attribute(so you cant use the 3rd attribute to store the value as a temporary storage).

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first you do A= A*B, next you divide B=A/B and finally A= A/B.

A = A+B B = A-B A = A-B

Both previous answers are theoretically correct, yet buggy. 'A' could potentially overflow due to (A+B) or (A*B). Therefore, the best method is to use the 'xor' operator. A ^= B; B ^= A; A ^= B;

mistakes made in the past

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They asked me to do a technical assesment of my Java and Struts skills.

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A technical programming question having to do with scaling a large search using a hashed array.

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Tell me a time when a co worker did something wrong or perhaps you did not get along with them and how did you handle / resolve it?

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Passengers are waiting to board a fully booked plane. They all have an assigned seat except for one person. They all board the plane in a random order. If their assigned seat is available, they take it. If not, they seat at random somewhere else. When it's her time to board, the one person without a number chooses a seat at random amongst those that are left. The question is: what are the odds that the last person will sit on her assigned seat?

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Coding, designing test harness for enterprise scale systems, s/w design skills..

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related to your technology stack

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Whats the best way to securely store a password entered in a web form.

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Name all the programming books you've read.

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