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Detail your past experience

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gave information of job details

How are fiber cable/strands inventoried?

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Unexpected question: Xbox or PlayStation?

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Describe how you would tackle this problem or handle this situation

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Solve the N queens problem on an N x N grid, aka Queen's Gambit.

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Given a set of associations like {a=b, b=c, a!=d, c=d} determine if the entire expression is true or false (false in the example because a is equal to d).

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How do you motivate a team? Deal with competing technical opinions / resolve conflicts? How do you grow Jr members of the team?

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Quick questions on basic IT requirements What is Ping? What do you do to troubleshoot Network Issues? How many years of experience do you have working with Active Directory, Virtual Macines

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If you are ten years old, please describe what is networking?

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Personality general IT questions, IT security questions

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