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There were two panels of four engineers/managers that interviewed me. The questions mostly pertained to my past experience as I had 16 years job related experience. Technical questions were related to defect knowledge and an equipment question to draw a rough sketch of a process control I loop parameter in block form. A few behavioral questions concerning working in a team environment. They were interested in my ability to mentor and train younger engineers and my style of training. I was given the opportunity to ask questions about the area to which I applied and the hiring manager asked what I considered to be the definition of an 'ideal' manager.

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I answered each question in a straightforward manner and elaborated on my experiences when I was asked a question about a past job role. Technical questions were not too difficult and they were very patient while I gathered my thoughts before putting a diagram on paper. I appreciated the manager asking the question about what my personal view of an ideal manager was. It left me with the impression that they cared about my input and were trying to gauge what qualities were most important to a technical contributor with respect to their manager.

How long after on site interview was an offer presented

Define success.

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How many CREE LEDS would it take to to replace all domestic incondescant lightbulbs in the United States if they're X% more efficient

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You realize this is a second shift position, right?

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Mostly OOP questions. What is a class/object? Features of OOP Good programming practices and what makes "good code".

Describe a time where you came in direct conflict with a coworker, and how did you resolve it?

Draw a rough block diagram of a pressure control loop system in a process vacuum tool.

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Describe a difficult situation, how you handled it, and what was the result.

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