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Given a linked list, write a function that will print the list in reverse.

2 Answers

Do this in linear O(n) time without recursion and without creating a copy of the list. [Hint] You can modify the list, as long as you put it back the way it started.

Traverse the list from start to end updating the link addresses such that the second node points to first, third node points to second and so on. when we reach the last node we will have reverse list. Now repeat the whole process but this time printing the elements of the nodes. We will get the original list back and items printed are in reverse order as well. I am proud of myself !! :)

Given a point a, a distance d, and a large set of points, write a program that efficiently finds all of the points in the set that are less than the distance d from point a. A point consists of an x-coordinate and a y-coordinate.

2 Answers

No unexpected questions. Normally they ask one on hardest problem faced, one on tree search and the one I got was on bit representation of integers, floats etc

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Here are two questions I remember... 1) How would you design a LPF? 2) Given a page of code, how would you refactor it?

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Various questions on algorithms and data structures

Nothing, to be honest. Most of it was bog-standard "design a program to run a vending machine" and "write quicksort in pseudocode" stuff.

How do you handle customer requirements? What do you do if you aren't sure of the way forward?

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Some questions on C++ and dynamic programmming. Given a matrix of positive integers, find the shortest path from one corner of the matrix to another.

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