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A patron at your restaurant is dissatisfied with his meal; having sent it back twice to the kitchen, and remained unhappy with the result. He refuses to pay the $ 17.95 bill for his meal and drinks, and proceeds to leave the restaurant. The Server brings the matter to your attention. What action, if any, would you take to resolve this situation?

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I would attempt to see if I can apologize to the guest for his dissatisfaction before he leaves, comp his meal, and later address the specifics of the problem with his server and the kitchen staff.

Tell about incident that involved guest recovery.

How do I deal with stress!

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Unique to each applicant

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You have very good work experience,That's very impotant .

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How are you going to serve the customers?

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It was a lot of the standards questions, such as walk me through your resume. Tell me about working with difficult individuals and how to you handle them.

Do you have a Servsafe Certificate ?

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