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We have a pond containing a single bacterium. The number of bacteria double every 5 minutes, and the pond is full of them in 24 hours. If we started with the same pond but two bacteria, how long will it take to fill the pond?

4 Answers

I struggled with this a bit and got close. I believe answer is: 23:55

This is a clear case of Geometric progression. Find the nth term Tn1 = a*r^(n-1). where n = (24 * 60)/5,a = 1 and r=2. when the initial value (a) = 2, the values become n = ?, a = 2 and r = 2. Since Tn1 = Tn2, Equate the RHS of both the equation. Since the base are equal, equate the powers, doing so will give the n value. When n is convert into minutes one get 23 hrs 55 minutes.

this is easy, you don't need all the math. The pond was half full five minutes before, so it's 23:55

There are 10 stacks of 10 coins each. 9 of the stacks contain coins that weigh 1g each. The other stack contains coins of 2g each. The coins look the same. We have a scale that we can get a measurement of grams from, not a balance. We can use the scale exactly once to weigh anything here from a single coin to all of them. How can we determine which stack is the 2g coins?

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How would you bypass change management processes to dynamically change OS JCL streams?

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How would you rate your technical skills for this job?

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Name the 9 implicit variables in JSP.

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Having to recite some silly technical reference that I never use to build web applications in .NET. Some of the participants usually from India will just grab a question from a text book.That would be OK if I were in school and reading chapters from that book preparing for an exam or quiz.

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I had several technical interviews with different people. I was asked several questions I didn't readily know the answers to.

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For a particular solution what is the architecture and white board the architecture diagram

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No difficult questions, just canned / situational questions w/ Hiring Mgr and (2) Directors of low caliber, expertise and no vision.

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Can you design an elevator system?

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