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Given a string find the first non-repeated character.

10 Answers

Hint: use a hash table

public static char getFirstNonRepeatedChar(String s) { List charList = null; char nonRepeatedChar ='?'; if (s != null) { s = s.trim(); charList = new ArrayList(); for (int i=0; i

@Rajiv : Your solution is completely wrong. It will fail for input of "aaa" Reason: on first check, you insert "a". On next check you remove it. On next check you again insert it and return that as your answer, even though it was repeated thrice.

find if 2 strings are anagrams

5 Answers

How would you design a Zoo class using OO design?

4 Answers

Design an email sender that can send 100,000,000 emails. You have 5 machines how could you do it efficiently.

3 Answers

Binary tree with parent pointers, given two nodes find common ancestor.

3 Answers

Write a function to find the node where two linked lists meet.

3 Answers

Given an array of 100 integers where every integer from 1-101 occurs once, except for one. Find the missing integer.

3 Answers

Given two linked lists A and B, return a new linked list C, where C consists of all elements in A or B that are contained in only A or only B.

2 Answers

Roman to Int

2 Answers

given a sorted list of integers, how would you find whether 2 integers exist that add up to a given sum?

2 Answers
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