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Linux Kernel Software Engineer was asked...June 2, 2020

Print last n nodes of a linked list you only have pointer to Head

3 Answers

I suggest to create additional pointer which is the tail. Set a gap of the n nodes between the head and tail, move both, and once the tail points to null it’s the end of the list. Then, move only the head and print the node until it reaches the tail Less

Actually, that could work but it's too expensive. I suggest you to reverse the list which take O(n) time complexity afterward print first m element and reverse the list back which in total cost you O(n) time complexity and O(1) extra space Less

Use a queue. Traverse the list and add each element to the queue. Always check if the size of the queue is n, if so then remove the first element before adding a new one. When you finish traversing the list your queue will have exactly the last n elements of the list, just print them in order. Less


Implement kernel APIs that other kernel component can use to get hi res timers.

1 Answers

Need to answer various design questions like, what data structure to use to store the timers, how to find expired timers, should calling function allocated memory for the timer DS or it should just pass the function that needs to be executed and the framework will take care of allocating the structure. Less


How do you check if 2 buffers overlap?

1 Answers

if(a + sizeof(a)) > B) && ((B+sizeof(B)) > A)


Average difficult, not expected Question

1 Answers

a lot of Operating Systems questions, such as spin_lock, mutex


Can a program run purely on the GPU?

1 Answers

The answer is no since commands to the GPU must come from the OS through the CPU then the GPU Less


Given a simple function "a+b" and asked if I could divide the work on all available threads (lets say 4). That was one weird question as it is a simple function, but after wasting 10mins (from just one hour) he re-formulated the question to "execute this same function 4times in parallel" which is very different than the first question!

1 Answers

GOD dmn!!


Data structure, threading and basic logical programming questions. After that you get a general interest and personality interview.

1 Answers

Answers depend on the questions.


What is a pointer? How much memory does a pointer take?

1 Answers

Size depends on the instruction set architecture / operating system.


In a multiprocessor system, how will the L1/L2 caches (non-shared) know about the consistency of the shared data? (I was given a scenario which meant this.)

1 Answers

Snooping Cache


Write a shortest string copy function.

1 Answers

Hi. How much time did it take to get a response after the onsite interview?

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