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Did I know how to adapt a crowded user interface for mobile reporting?

1 Answer

I said that the data displays would have to be adapted for lower resolution screens and that progress summary lists would be preferable to detailed data plots. I also said that phone interfaces would require any displays to be done using the native plotting API.

Describer a time when you dealt with a problematic employee.

Describe a time when you dealt with a challenging situation or deadline

Unlike most other companies interview where they have you sit down and write code, basically see how much syntax you remember without an IDE. They had a conversation with me. Exploring my background as I described in details of the architecture of my current process. Through the design phase to implement to maintenance. Some of the technical questions was like can you tell me the difference between a catch vs uncatch exception. What is the biggest difference between Java 5 vs Java 8. On the board draw the architecture of the current application you are working. Describe in detail why it is done that way. Describe MVC. etc...

How do you call someone's baby ugly?

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