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Tell us about a time when you had to work with data, whether it be in a professional, academic, or casual setting. Describe the problems you had to figure out, and the solution you came up with.

Describe in detail a project you worked on involving quantitative analysis.

You'll ALWAYS be asked whether you've done a project with data analysis and to talk about what you did.

Which project on your resume do you find most interesting and tell me more about it.

Did you have experience with data management tasks such as outlier treatment, etc.?

What statistical data analysis programs are you familiar with and how long have you used them professionally. Give examples of times you used each for projects and the tests you ran in them.

Why do you want to go into the policy field instead of the tech industry?

Asked some related experiences on my resume; What did you learn from those experiences?; Some basic definition questions about statistics and machine learning.

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