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after 5 years where you want to see yourself in the company

5 Answers

its depend on my working efficiency and how much i m valuable to the company in working area

As a ceo

As an md

what will system.out print do?

4 Answers

find frequency of every word in string

3 Answers

How are you ready for the rigors of field engineering?

2 Answers

Name 5 ways to use a pencil besides writing.

2 Answers

puzzle two wires of diff dimensions have been given. both of them gets completely combusted in 1 hour. you are in a pitch dark room with such two wires and a box of matches. you have to come out of the room in 45 minutes. [you cannot count seconds in your mind or else you cannot visually determine the halfway of the wires given neither do you have anything else other than a box of matches and those 2 wires]

3 Answers

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difference between synchronous and asynchronous ...

2 Answers

No typical questions.

1 Answer

What is your name

1 Answer

There was a lot of scenario based question. An example would be how would you address a community that are upset about actions the agency is taking in their community. What are your greatest traits. Have you any experience doing this type of work. etc.

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