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UX Designer was asked...April 24, 2020

Umas perguntas sem nexo, tipo "por que o caminhão pipa não pode andar metade cheio", essas perguntas pegadinhas. Como se desse para avaliar a competência técnica de alguém com isso. Zero perguntas técnicas, zero.

3 Answers

Também foi assim comigo! Totalmente desrespeitoso

Não é à toa que viralizou o vídeo deles claramente explorando as pessoas

Também ouvi perguntas do RH totalmente sem nexo hahaha queriam saber de mim, mas nem sequer falaram da empresa/propósito. Experiência ruim enquanto entrevistada. Less


Draw UI design of a consultating app for doctors

3 Answers

I did sketch on paper then later digitalised it




Hypothetical study design question.

3 Answers

Asked follow up design constraint questions. Outlined the proper methods to use, and described the reasoning behind those choices, study design, and how to carry out execution. Less

Thank You for letting people like me gain knowledge

Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: interviewjoy.com/services/interview-process-details/google-manager-interview-questions-answers/ (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck! Less


questions about the task I submitted.

2 Answers

positive and negative aspects as a researcher

Could you please tell me their average response time after each interview?

Convergys India
CCO was asked...July 1, 2012

explain Myth vs Reality

2 Answers

was good Experience

A myth is something that people believe in but may not be real like folklores. A reality is something that exists which people can see, touch, experience, etc. Less

UX Designer was asked...October 28, 2017

The challenge was very different from the job description and interview questions

2 Answers

I answered honestly, and did not expect my work to be implemented for free.

Weird, I interview a while back and the same thing happened to me except it was for a different project but still related to the site. Really shady. Wouldn't trust a company like that. Less


How much are you expecting to get paid?

2 Answers

It's my first time applying for a contract job, so I am not sure.

Being a fresher you should not apraise any issue regards salary. Instead of giving exact amount you can say that i think that i am preety much capable of earn between -to- Less


Experiência, conhecimentos, pretensão salarial, disponibilidade para início, motivo de querer a área?

2 Answers

E no fim das contas, como ficou sua contratação? ou nem rolou e você se demitiu do seu emprego? Te deram mais alguma resposta? Less

De acordo com minha experiência.

UX Designer was asked...January 31, 2020

Your previous experience

2 Answers

7 years

3-4 years


if you dont have a lot of vertical screen real estate, and you want the user to pick their privacy settings with the options of Public or Privacy, how would you show it?

2 Answers

it provides a few options for choosing... Can't believe how they can conclude a correct answer for these kind of questions. doesn't it depend on the specific situation?? Less

I dont understand the question tbh?

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