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James Madison University
Administrative Assistant - College of Visual Arts was asked...April 26, 2018

How would you feel if someone asked you a question you didn't know?

4 Answers

I would not feel bad I would just say I do not know the answer to that but if you would give me a few minutes to find out I do not mind checking for you Less

Depending on the circumstances of the question and if I have been properly trained to handle it or not Less

I would refer them to a supervisor

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Groupe Dynamite

What is the most difficult customer you have had? Why? How did you deal with it? How did you deal with a very difficult co-worker?

2 Answers

Want to make sure you're not confrontational and revert to your manager always.... Less

Not a happy customer with the merchandise give her info to the home branch manager in charge and tried to help her with some questioners as mush as I can and right some notes for are department manager in charge Less

Groupe Dynamite

What do you know about the company?

2 Answers

Fashion Retail store for ladies

Fashion Retail store for ladies

Free People

They asked if I knew about Free People’s existing marketing and merchandising personas (“Free People Girls”)

1 Answers

They change these but at the time their was: Lou: Tomboy Look Meadow: Bohemian Ginger: Sexy Girly-Girl Candy: Sweet Girly-Girl Molly: Edie Sedgwick Look Less

Forever 21

What are your weaknesses.

1 Answers



What do you think about Visual Directives from Head office

1 Answers

Could be clearer and don't match the customer profiles

Bon-Ton Stores

What can you offer me that no other canidates can?

1 Answers

Wasn't prepared for that question.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Visual positions used to be conducted through visual means: a portfolio, a Powerpoint presentation, a recommendation from another visual associate, etc. It was your work, not how well you answered the fairly typical questions, or dropped the right keywords.

1 Answers

My work is usually what always got me the job, and how I kept the job.


Perguntas de sempre. Se tinha formação e experiência na área.

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Magnolia (TX)

Strengths and Weaknesses

1 Answers

Very honest

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