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15 Companies With Flexible Work-From-Home Policies

Whether you’re a parent with a busy schedule, or a creative type that works best in his or her own, quiet environment, working from home is often a great way to focus on work or to break up a monotonous schedule. Over the past few years, working remote has become a growing trend and we’re seeing more and more companies offering the opportunity to work from home both full-time and part-time.

Sound like a good deal to you? We’ve saved you time on your job hunt by putting together a list of 15 companies hiring now–and that offer the option to work from home!

1. AirBnb

Details: “Working from home took awhile to get set up. Tech and management were a little unclear and negligent in getting me set up to work from home if/when I needed. Once I was set up, it was easy.” – Former Employee

Open Roles: Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Experience Researcher, Employment Brand Manager, Product Manager,Airbnb Pro Referrer, Global Mobility Manager, Software Engineer Growth, QA Lead

What Employees Say: “Incredible benefits package and creative workspace. Offers great experience in booming tech industry.” – Current Employee

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2. CarFax

Details: “This is good for traveling employees.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Product Support Manager, Fullstack Developer, Systems Developer, Inside/Outside Account Executive, Field Marketing Manager, FrontEnd Developer, Back End Developer

What Employees Say: “Excellent work/life balance and great benefits!” – Current Employee

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3. Oracle

Details: “It depends on the position, but many positions allow you to work from home. This is a huge plus when considering the cost of living these days.” – Current Contract Administrator

Open Roles: Software Developer 4, Program Manager, Business Analyst 3, Senior Engineer, Member of Technical Staff, Principal Member of Technical Staff

What Employees Say: “Many opportunities to work from home (dependent upon position) and necessary tools provided for home office.” – Former Employee

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4. Deloitte

Details: “100% work from home opportunities exist for their supporting functions!” – Current Manager

Open Roles: Advisory Specialist Master, Advisory Senior Consultant, Heat Brand Strategist and Planner, Advisory Manager, Sales Executive, Tax Systems Implementations, Product Manager, Strategy Consultant, Technology Business Analyst

What Employees Say: “They are really flexible. You can do a lot of your work from your computer. Nevertheless, must of the time you will be working in a different city.” – Former Employee

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5. McKesson Corporation

Details: It varies based on the department and manager but the company is willing to work with employees interested in working from home.

Open Roles: Material Handler, Facilities Assistant, Communications Specialist, Contract Specialist, Technical Implementation Analyst, Senior Data Analyst, Business Process Consultant, Strategic Account Manager

What Employees Say: “Great benefit if you prefer this working arrangement.” – Anonymous Employee

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6. CBS Interactive

Details: “This was sometimes offered, especially around the holidays because many content producers had to work hours on holidays. I think it could’ve been more of an option because we have laptops and do a majority of our work on the computer.” – Former Digital Content Producer

Open Roles: Director Platform Engineering, Digital Sales Planner, Senior Manager Customer Service, Studio Production Manager, Product Manager, Executive Editor, Associate Partnership Manager

What Employees Say: “They salary and benefits are pretty standard. You get to work normal hours. It’s a well known and respected brand for your resume.” – Current Employee

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7. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Details: “Up to 2 days per week.”

Open Roles: Construction Project Manager III, Power Systems Engineer III, Enterprise Applications Software Engineer II, Electrical Engineer IV, Structural Dynamics Engineer, Subcontract Manager I

What Employees Say: “I have not personally worked from home yet, but from what I have seen with others it is supported fully due to the nature of the work being on the computer.” – Current Mechanical Engineer

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8. Glassdoor

Details: “As you long as you get your work done you can work anywhere.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Sales Manager Enterprise, Account Executive SMB Sales, Senior Java Software Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Lead Data Analyst, Online Sales Representative, Head of Consumer Decision Science

What Employees Say: “This is an easy one – I get to work from home (WFH) as much as I need and whenever I want. The funny thing is that I actually LOVE being in our office with all my team members and friends, so I get a little sad when I work from home… and when I miss the delicious gourmet Glassdoor lunch that’s served to all employees every day.” – Current Employee

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9. Neustar

Details: “I could work from home whenever I needed, but office work was encouraged.” – Former Employee

Open Roles: Software Engineer II, HR Business Partner Manager, Senior Demand Generation Manager, Principal Software Engineer, Client Success Consultant, Senior HR Business Partner, Software Engineer

What Employees Say: “Good and bad. Some people abuse it.” – Current Employee

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10. Viacom

Details: “You can work from home as long as your manager approves.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Vice President Chief Sourcing Officer, Administrative Assistant, Part-Time Studio Tour Page, Senior Product Manager, Executive Assistant Original Programming and Development, Vice President Market Research

What Employees Say: “Acceptable as long as you don’t impact work productivity.” – Current Employee

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11. Indigogo

Details: “Very flexible work from home policy.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Software Engineer, Product Marketing Manager, Campaign Strategist, Social and Content Marketing Associate, Account Manager Post-Campaign, DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Digital Advertising Specialist

What Employees Say: “Everyone at the company collectively believes in the mission and the roadmap of the future. Upper management is supportive when need be but does not micromanage. Work-life balance is a major appeal of this company.” – Current Business Development Manager

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ellie mae

12. Ellie Mae

Details: “Work from home is allowed on a case-by-case, day-to-day basis. It is available when appropriate. Some employees in the field actually are full time from home.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Engineer QA, Technical Support Analyst, Business Analyst, Director Data Engineering, Senior Manager Accounting, Product Manager

What Employees Say: “They are very flexible and willing to let employees work from home when needed. Working remote can be a challenge with any company and EM does everything they can to accommodate those who do.” – Current Employee

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13. Four Winds Interactive

Details: Offers one week of working remotely annually.

Open Roles: Operations Administrator, Visual Communications Manager, Director Project Delivery, Internship Program, Sales Support Administrative Coordination, Project Manager, Account Executive IV, Program Manager

What Employees Say: “Varies by department and job function. Is related to employee performance and is a perk (which it should be).” – Current VP Engineering

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14. Kronos Incorporated

Details: “Maybe you need to pick up your kids from school early, or maybe you need complete silence to focus on a project. Whatever the reason may be, Kronites have the option to work from home to help them be their most productive and happy.”

Open Roles: Senior Sales Executive, Customer Service Coordinator, Integration Consultant, Application Support Specialist, Sales Executive, IT Project Manager III, Sales Enablement Program Manager

What Employees Say: “They proactively provide everything you need to work from home and when traveling. I didn’t have to ask for anything, their IT team had a package and sent it out to me. This was great.” – Former Senior Solutions Consultant

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15. Paperless Post

Details: “Work from home is flexible and the office is well set up to accommodate remote participation.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Product Designer UX, Production Designer, Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Backend Engineering Manager

What Employees Say: “Flexible when necessary – there are ongoing efforts to become more remote friendly.” – Current Employee

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