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15 Companies With Flexible Work-From-Home Policies

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated April 23, 2018

Whether you’re a parent with a busy schedule, or a creative type that works best in his or her own, quiet environment, working from home is often a great way to focus on work or to break up a monotonous schedule. Over the past few years, working remote has become a growing trend and we’re seeing more and more companies offering the opportunity to work from home both full-time and part-time.

Sound like a good deal to you? We’ve saved you time on your job hunt by putting together a list of 15 companies hiring now–and that offer the option to work from home!

1. AirBnb

Details: “Working from home took awhile to get set up. Tech and management were a little unclear and negligent in getting me set up to work from home if/when I needed. Once I was set up, it was easy.” – Former Employee

Open Roles: Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Experience Researcher, Employment Brand Manager, Product Manager,Airbnb Pro Referrer, Global Mobility Manager, Software Engineer Growth, QA Lead

What Employees Say: “Incredible benefits package and creative workspace. Offers great experience in booming tech industry.” – Current Employee

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2. CarFax

Details: “This is good for traveling employees.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Product Support Manager, Fullstack Developer, Systems Developer, Inside/Outside Account Executive, Field Marketing Manager, FrontEnd Developer, Back End Developer

What Employees Say: “Excellent work/life balance and great benefits!” – Current Employee

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3. Oracle

Details: “It depends on the position, but many positions allow you to work from home. This is a huge plus when considering the cost of living these days.” – Current Contract Administrator

Open Roles: Software Developer 4, Program Manager, Business Analyst 3, Senior Engineer, Member of Technical Staff, Principal Member of Technical Staff

What Employees Say: “Many opportunities to work from home (dependent upon position) and necessary tools provided for home office.” – Former Employee

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4. Deloitte

Details: “100% work from home opportunities exist for their supporting functions!” – Current Manager

Open Roles: Advisory Specialist Master, Advisory Senior Consultant, Heat Brand Strategist and Planner, Advisory Manager, Sales Executive, Tax Systems Implementations, Product Manager, Strategy Consultant, Technology Business Analyst

What Employees Say: “They are really flexible. You can do a lot of your work from your computer. Nevertheless, must of the time you will be working in a different city.” – Former Employee

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5. McKesson Corporation

Details: It varies based on the department and manager but the company is willing to work with employees interested in working from home.

Open Roles: Material Handler, Facilities Assistant, Communications Specialist, Contract Specialist, Technical Implementation Analyst, Senior Data Analyst, Business Process Consultant, Strategic Account Manager

What Employees Say: “Great benefit if you prefer this working arrangement.” – Anonymous Employee

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6. CBS Interactive

Details: “This was sometimes offered, especially around the holidays because many content producers had to work hours on holidays. I think it could've been more of an option because we have laptops and do a majority of our work on the computer.” – Former Digital Content Producer

Open Roles: Director Platform Engineering, Digital Sales Planner, Senior Manager Customer Service, Studio Production Manager, Product Manager, Executive Editor, Associate Partnership Manager

What Employees Say: “They salary and benefits are pretty standard. You get to work normal hours. It’s a well known and respected brand for your resume.” – Current Employee

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7. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Details:  According to NASA JPL, all employees can request to Flex-Work. Flex-Work should typically be done in full day increments and can be done either on a full time or part time basis, where all or some of the scheduled weekly work hours are performed remotely, generally at their residence. Flex-Work can be done on any day of the workweek. With manager approval, all employees are eligible to request to participate in the program if the employee is in good standing and fully meeting all job requirements and expectations, and the job duties and responsibilities are conducive to that type of work arrangement as determined by management.

Open Roles: Construction Project Manager III, Power Systems Engineer III, Enterprise Applications Software Engineer II, Electrical Engineer IV, Structural Dynamics Engineer, Subcontract Manager I

What Employees Say: "Great place to work. Diverse environment. Freedom to do your work with minimum interference. Able to talk to anyone at ANY level. Work on unusual projects. Management does sincerely make an attempt to keep work/life balance in check."– Current Systems Engineer

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8. Glassdoor

Details: “As you long as you get your work done you can work anywhere.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Sales Manager Enterprise, Account Executive SMB Sales, Senior Java Software Engineer, Senior DevOps Engineer, Lead Data Analyst, Online Sales Representative, Head of Consumer Decision Science

What Employees Say: “This is an easy one - I get to work from home (WFH) as much as I need and whenever I want. The funny thing is that I actually LOVE being in our office with all my team members and friends, so I get a little sad when I work from home... and when I miss the delicious gourmet Glassdoor lunch that's served to all employees every day.” – Current Employee

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9. Neustar

Details: “I could work from home whenever I needed, but office work was encouraged.” – Former Employee

Open Roles: Software Engineer II, HR Business Partner Manager, Senior Demand Generation Manager, Principal Software Engineer, Client Success Consultant, Senior HR Business Partner, Software Engineer

What Employees Say: “Good and bad. Some people abuse it.” – Current Employee

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10. Viacom

Details: “You can work from home as long as your manager approves.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Vice President Chief Sourcing Officer, Administrative Assistant, Part-Time Studio Tour Page, Senior Product Manager, Executive Assistant Original Programming and Development, Vice President Market Research

What Employees Say: “Acceptable as long as you don’t impact work productivity.” – Current Employee

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11. Indigogo

Details: “Very flexible work from home policy.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Software Engineer, Product Marketing Manager, Campaign Strategist, Social and Content Marketing Associate, Account Manager Post-Campaign, DevOps Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Digital Advertising Specialist

What Employees Say: “Everyone at the company collectively believes in the mission and the roadmap of the future. Upper management is supportive when need be but does not micromanage. Work-life balance is a major appeal of this company.” – Current Business Development Manager

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ellie mae

12. Ellie Mae

Details: “Work from home is allowed on a case-by-case, day-to-day basis. It is available when appropriate. Some employees in the field actually are full time from home.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Engineer QA, Technical Support Analyst, Business Analyst, Director Data Engineering, Senior Manager Accounting, Product Manager

What Employees Say: “They are very flexible and willing to let employees work from home when needed. Working remote can be a challenge with any company and EM does everything they can to accommodate those who do.” – Current Employee

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13. Four Winds Interactive

Details: Offers one week of working remotely annually.

Open Roles: Operations Administrator, Visual Communications Manager, Director Project Delivery, Internship Program, Sales Support Administrative Coordination, Project Manager, Account Executive IV, Program Manager

What Employees Say: “Varies by department and job function. Is related to employee performance and is a perk (which it should be).” – Current VP Engineering

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14. Kronos Incorporated

Details: “Maybe you need to pick up your kids from school early, or maybe you need complete silence to focus on a project. Whatever the reason may be, Kronites have the option to work from home to help them be their most productive and happy.”

Open Roles: Senior Sales Executive, Customer Service Coordinator, Integration Consultant, Application Support Specialist, Sales Executive, IT Project Manager III, Sales Enablement Program Manager

What Employees Say: “They proactively provide everything you need to work from home and when traveling. I didn’t have to ask for anything, their IT team had a package and sent it out to me. This was great.” – Former Senior Solutions Consultant

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15. Paperless Post

Details: “Work from home is flexible and the office is well set up to accommodate remote participation.” – Current Employee

Open Roles: Senior Product Designer UX, Production Designer, Engineering Manager, Senior Software Engineer, Backend Engineering Manager

What Employees Say: “Flexible when necessary - there are ongoing efforts to become more remote friendly.” – Current Employee

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