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How would you reverse a the words in a string? (Be able to defend answer)

4 Answers

String reverse(String s){ length = s.length()-1; s1 = ""; while(length >=0){ s1 += s[length]; length--; } return s1; } //wrote the code in 1 minute, did not test it or walk through it, use at your own risk

I got the other idea of not using a buffer (a better solution) String reverseWithoutBuffer(String s){ if (s.length() == 0 || s.length() == 1){return s;} length = s.length()-1; i = 0; while (i != length){ String s1 = s[i]; s[i] = s[length]; s[length] = s1; i--; length--; } return s; } //did not test it or walk through it, use at your own risk

I mean i++ (not i--), sorry

Division method without using divide operator

4 Answers

The interviewer had asked me a time when it was best not to use OOP after spending several minutes praising OOP.

2 Answers

WAP to reverse a string? Design a next gen conference phone with the group? Puzzle solving questions much like microsoft intereviews

1 Answer

tree traversal methods (depth first)

1 Answer

An array of strings, and each string is connected by an edge if they differ by one character. Find if there is a path between two strings.

1 Answer

Asked me very basic Object-Oriented Programming concepts (inheritance, classes, etc). Then they asked me to write a program that outputs the letter in a string that repeats first.

1 Answer

Do you have any questions about the store?

1 Answer

How to search for a node in Chef?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you had a less than cooperative team member and what did you do about it? what was the result?

1 Answer
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