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How would you define custom memory management for a class in C++? How about if you wanted to return blocks of memory to the OS?

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If we want to simply define the custom memory allocation for a class, we can define it as the dynamic memory allocation inside the class methods ( either in constructor or in other functions), and for this we can use new or malloc to allocate custom sized memory. Similarly, returning memory block to the OS just refer to the free function or delete command, which can be done either in the same function where the memory is allocated or in the destructor, depending on how lon we need to keep the memory content. If we need to allocate memory for a class member and need to use it as long as the object exists, we need to free the memory in the destructor. Thus, if we want to go into further detail discussion. we need to know the purpose of the memory usage ( you need to ask the interviewer of course). Depending on the purpose, we can degin our code, where to allocate how much memory and where to release those.

Difference between hashtable and hashmap

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The question was very vague. Given an app that does a lot of read how do you improve the performance? I was like, uhmmm there are many ways, so I focused on the blades, turned out that he wanted someone who can break down complex problems, sigh ..........

Most people talk about enabling the Extended Log feature in the Run-time Settings Vuser GUI, For example: Parameter Substitution and/or Data Returned by the Server and/or Advanced Trace check boxes, as per the requirements. Please give 5 examples of the the code and options applied to the Vuser complete script.

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Lots of questions about different architecture. One which came to mind is to design a job scheduler.

How would you diagnose poor performance from your application?

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Given an integer matrix that is sorted ascending in each row and each column write an algorithm that find an integer X or returns false.

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Given a binary search tree write an algorithm that converts the tree into a linked list which is space minimal.