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Boys & Girls Clubs of America
Child Care Assistant was asked...May 3, 2016

Why do you want to work with kids

2 Answers

I've always loved to be around and take care of children. I love teaching them new things and helping them grow. Less

I've been around kids my entire life and I seem to do fairly well with them and I like being able to teach children new things Less


How would you handle an angry parent?

2 Answers

Listen to what they have to say then handle their problems in a calm reasonable manner Less

Listen to them and make them feel heard. Address the problem, then follow thru.

Central School District

How would you handle a child that fails to comply and is overall very difficult on a daily basis?

2 Answers

Talk to them in a civil manner the rights and wrongs

Answer with a very balanced response, one that doesn't involve punishment or judgment. Less

Winnebago Mental Health Institue

How would you handle a violent patient while in the dayroom with other patients, family members, staff, etc.

1 Answers

Follow the protocol, keep everyone safe especially the violent patient themselves. If need be, evacuate everyone from getting involved/hurt in the process. Report to supervisor and document the incident. Less


What do you do when talking to an unhappy parent?

1 Answers

I first take into account that the parent only has their child's best interest at heart and that their anger is most likely not directed personally at me. Next I would work with them to achieve the results they are looking for. Less


It was a lot of behavioral based questions. Ex: tell me about a time where you were in competition with a co worker. Tell me about a time where you had to take on more responsibility than what was in your job description

35 Answers

When I had to take more responsibility than what was in my job description was when we were short handed at the clinic and I took over as the front desk and also helped triage patients before being seen by the doctor Less

Be on time in order to fulfill

I have to take make sure the patient comfortable that my responsibility

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Northwell Health

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself. 2. What characteristics do you possess that you believe you would be good for this job?

17 Answers


1. Myself megha, residing at India. Done my schooling s from Presentation higher secondary school, completed diploma in Medical Transcription from Keltron. Married nd have a 3 year old baby. Working as medical transcriptor in Starcare health hospital. 2. Good language, good knowledge about medical terms, speed nd ease in typing Less

I get along well with my coworkers, great multitasker, and love people.

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When was a time that you had to deal with a unhappy or hostile customer, and what was the outcome?

11 Answers

I got "the letter" . I was not picked. Oh well, I will keep on trying...

Me too they sent an email saying training classes were full but that might be a nice way of saying not qualified Less

Lauren, sorry. I have not gotten the call back yet. I couldn't find where to post anything but whether I had accepted, or had not, so I put that I had. I read somewhere that it took at least a week?? Less

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Dialysis Clinic Inc

What do you need in a supervisor in order to succeed?

10 Answers

The best of their ability and policies

I am very interested on the job

supervisor to be firm on his job and responsibilities

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Ontrak Health

Complete a role play motivation interview with interviewer.

9 Answers

I didn’t. This was a little much to expect from a potential employee who was told I would be trained on how to do motivational interviews. Less

I declined to go forward with interview process. I had figured out right before the third interview that the job was.not desirable. Less

There were a lot of steps required for the interview process. Long and drawn out. This test and that test, then internet speed test and on and on.... I did it all! I went through the whole, long process and felt and was told that I did great and kept moving on to the next steps. The Monday after my final interview, I was told by the recruiter that everyone liked me and that my scores were "very high" but that the last person to interview me thought that I would be "bored" with this job. We were both perplexed... I did everything right, have all the right experience, and the recruiter handed them a good candidate. I was not made a job offer off of an assumption, yet this company is currently is using a Temp service to fulfill their contracts. Thoughts would be first- You are being handed good, quality candidates, yet not hiring and using a temp service??? Ummm, okay. Next Advice- Simply clarify the role and use open communication with the candidate to confirm that the candidate is comfortable with the job pace. DO NOT just assume anything in life. That can get you proven wrong... Also, the company needs to listen to the recruiting service that THEY have in place. The recruiters put forth a great deal of effort, and are working very hard to find good talent only to be brushed off by management of the company. I just have to wonder if HR is aware of this process. I would love to speak with the HR dept about this situation. Less

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