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How would you handle an angry parent?

2 Answers

Listen to them and make them feel heard. Address the problem, then follow thru.

Listen to what they have to say then handle their problems in a calm reasonable manner

Why do you want to work with kids

2 Answers

How would you handle a child that fails to comply and is overall very difficult on a daily basis?

2 Answers

How would you handle a violent patient while in the dayroom with other patients, family members, staff, etc.

1 Answer

What do you do when talking to an unhappy parent?

1 Answer

When was a time that you had to deal with a unhappy or hostile customer, and what was the outcome?

12 Answers

What do you need in a supervisor in order to succeed?

10 Answers

How would you deal with telling a customer no?

8 Answers

Describe your self.

7 Answers

Tell me about a time when you planned a method or idea and it didn't work out the way you might have expected.

6 Answers
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