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Chemist Interview Questions

"When hiring chemists, employers are looking for applicants with scientific knowledge and hands-on experience to perform successful chemical experiments and research. In an interview context, be ready to answer behavioral questions about your educational background and lab experience as well as technical questions that will test your proficiency of chemical theory. Before applying, be sure to know what subdiscipline of chemistry the job falls under and review how your background fits in with the job."

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What instrumentation are you familiar with?

1 Answer


You have listed that you have used XXX instrument in your projects. We have the same equipment that we havn't used for some time. Will you be able to use it for our compounds and develop methods?

1 Answer

What kind of HPLC experience do you have?

1 Answer

How well do I handle conflict

4 Answers

What are you looking for in this position? What are some amino acids you know? What is your spirit animal?

2 Answers

Are you scared of heights?

3 Answers

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Information already available on my resume and online application about my credentials, experience and training.

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Tell me about yourself.

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What three words would your supervisor use to describe you? Same question was asked about peers.

2 Answers

I was brought 2 lipstick samples and asked what the differences were. It was an entry level position I do not understand how one is supposed to know this answer.

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