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Why does one use MSE as a measure of quality. What is the scientific/mathematical reason for the same?

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Mean-Square error is an error metric for measuring image or video quality it is popular video and image quality metric because the analysis and mathematics is easier with this L2-Norm metric. Most video and image quality experts will agree that MSE is not a very good measure of perceptual video and image quality.

The mathematical reasoning behind the MSE is as follows: For any real applications, noise in the readings or the labels is inevitable. We generally assume this noise follows Gaussian distribution and this holds perfectly well for most of the real applications. Considering 'e' follows gaussian distribution in y=f(x) + e and calculating the MLE, we get MSE which is also L2 distance. Note: Assuming some other noise distribution may lead to other MLE estimate which will not be MSE.

How would you code up a custom rectangle detector?

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Given a 2D grid consisting of links and vacancies represented by a 2D array and assume you can move from either down (j,k)->(j+1,k) or to the right (j,k)->(j,k+1) unless there is a vacancy

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For the technical questions, he asked me about spanning tree and dynamic programming.

I also had a phone screen where they asked me to write code on a shared screen. I think they asked me to remove duplicates from an array. The phone interview was quite straightforward and good.

What is the difference between debug and release mode? Have you used revision/version control? How can you find 2nd highest number in an array in least time? How to eliminate corners in a bunch of 3D point cloud? How to find shape/object correspondences in 3D point cloud?

How would you send an encoded message in an image. First encode it, then write code to decode it.

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Transpose a Matrix. First do it using extra memory, then do it in place.

What is meant by virtual memory? Time complexity of insertion in Linked List vs. Array? Smoothing an image - what filter to use? Salt and pepper noise removal? Memory storage - heap vs stack?

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Singleton pattern

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