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Wells Fargo
Marketing Database Analyst was asked...April 28, 2010

Explain to me what NPV means?

1 Answers

Net present value - sum of the present values of individual cash flows


Are you detail oriented

1 Answers

I answered yes, and I am quick to notice things that don't fit

American Tire Distributors

Explain way to improve their current 15 hours database backup.

1 Answers

rman incremental backup

Two Sigma

Write an efficient stored procedure to allocate unique integer ids.

1 Answers

CREATEPROCEDURE [dbo].[AllocateUniqueIntIds] AS BEGIN SelectABS(CAST(CAST(NEWID()ASVARBINARY(5))ASBigint))as UniqueIntegerId END Go /* Test the store proc */ Exec [dbo].[AllocateUniqueIntIds] //Not sure if this is the correct answer Less

Haver Analytics

What are four economic factors used to mark economic progress

1 Answers

physical capital, natural capital, hum,an capital, and technological advancement

G/O Digital

There were a lot of questions in relation to the inner workings of the files and file groups.

5 Answers

Thanks for your inputs. I feel very confident about SQL Server questions with 9 + years of experience.My worry is about the 1 hour online analytical test which is part of the f2f. Did you had them and any inputs you have on how to prepare for same. Less

This was a pretty straight forward SQL test where you have to determine the output of some code or write some basic code based on table examples provide. There are a few pattern recognition questions as well. Less

Was this position for MSSQL or Mysql?

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How do java deal with hash collision?

4 Answers

link them

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so there's no real replacement for actual practice. The Prepfully Comscore Database Developer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do a propermock, which really puts you through the paces and lets you assess your readiness level. Less

By chaining

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Remove duplicates from table

4 Answers

Using Rowid or Having clause

hdfs dfs -rm /table/duplicates

Delete from table group by empID having count(empID)>1

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Charles Schwab

Do you need sponsorship for this position?

4 Answers




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CMSS Private Limited

1.find second max salary hint using count

4 Answers

SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable WHERE salary < (SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable); Less

SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable WHERE salary < (SELECT max(salary) FROM emptable); Less

select max(Emp_Sal) from Employee a where 1 = ( select count(*) from Employee b where b.Emp_Sal > a.Emp_Sal) Less

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