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Data analyst Interview Questions

Data analyst Interview Questions

Every business collects data, and it's the job of the data analyst to analyze, interpret, and communicate that information in a way that will help drive company decisions. Employers will be looking for candidates with strong technical skills as well as a knack for conveying data in an easy to understand way. Expect a fair number of technical questions, which may include an analytical case study and a math brainteaser.

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Case interview: basic business problem (if product X costs Capital One $4.00 per unit, with a $800 sunk cost, and we charge X amount of dollars along with a $10 annual fee, how many do we need to sell to break even, etc). Followed by a longer discussion of more complex problems that the situation might entail.

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Mostly algebra, basic economics, and common sense.

total cost= 4x + 800 total income= x^2 + 10x to break even: 4x + 800 = x^2 + 10x solving for x by evaluating the quadratic equation above, x ~= 25.45 To break even, 26 units must be sold

Why is x^2?

If you have 10 bags of marbles with 10 marbles each and one bag has marbles that weigh differently than the others, how would you figure it out from one weighing

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If you have a 5*5*5 cubic, what is the outside surface area?

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Two players are at deuce in a tennis match - player 1 has 60% of winning the point, player 2 has 40% chance. What are the odds of player 1 winning?

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They check for your attitude, your approach and your anxiety level! I solved both the case studies and I know I rocked the behavioral and Data challenge round, but still didn't ended up not being selected, why?

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Given three tables, user_dimension (user_id and account_id), account_dimension (account_id and paying_customer), and download_facts (date, user_id, and downloads), find the average number of downloads for free vs paying customers broken out by day.

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What are 5 uncommon uses of a brick, not including building, layering, or a paper-weight?

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A car starts driving at 60 mph, one hour later a car leaves the same position going 80 mph. How much time will pass until the second car catches the first?

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Given a plot of land and $250,000, what can you do to maximize your revenue and what kinds of data would you look at to do so?

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I was aske to specify as many ways to return the rowcount in the table.

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