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Product Design Engineer was asked...September 21, 2011

What are the different ways you can you tell if this part is steel or aluminium.

5 Answers

By far the easiest way is to test for material properties. -density -hardness -modulus of elasticity I would choose hardness. Strike each item with an equal force, which one deforms more? Thats aluminum. You could probably pull this test off with a hammer. The simplest solutions is always the best. Less

Simple methods would be density (feeling the mass of the object), surface finish (color, texture). If coated that may give you the answer anodized would indicate aluminium. For more information I would go for EDX( Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy) and possible a cross section to look at the grain structure. Less

Density, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, strength, harness

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What are 5 different variables of a coil spring you can change to affect spring force?

3 Answers

5 different variables that can affect the springs force. 1.) Wire length 2.) Coil pitch 3.) Wire cross-sectional shape 4.) Material of the coil 5.) Coil diameter Less

1. WD 2. OD 3. Active coils 4. Material 5. Free Height

Material, wire diameter, wire cross sectional shape, coil diameter, coil length


If you have a cantilevered beam with a load at the unsupported end, what can you change about the beam to mitigate the effect of the load.

3 Answers

Reduce the length, increase the thickness, change the material to one with a stronger young's modulus (just have to be careful about the tradeoff between material density and stiffness). Less

Taper it.

What is the weight of the load? What is the weight of the beam? Does the beam even need to be changed? Certainly you can shorten the beam , you could also turn the beam 90 degrees so the taller end is pointing upwards. There are questions that should be asked before any answers are given. Less

CADCO Architects & Engineers

What programs are you proficient in?

1 Answers

I listed the design/office related programs I am proficient in.


Tell me when you should communicate via e-mail vs. in-person communication.

1 Answers

Stated that primary mode of communication is e-mail unless the subject is complex or may be misinterpreted. Less

Possibilities for Design

What type of design style do I not like?

1 Answers

It isn't my style that I need to deliver to the client, it is theirs. I do my best to NOT influence the design by my bias or preference. Less

The Trump Organization

What would you like to design / your future?

1 Answers

Bigger spaces, such as hospitality, retail etc.


need to join tomorrow are you ready?

13 Answers


Yes sir

Yes I am ready to join

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Given a string find the first non-repeated character.

12 Answers

@Rajiv : Your solution is completely wrong. It will fail for input of "aaa" Reason: on first check, you insert "a". On next check you remove it. On next check you again insert it and return that as your answer, even though it was repeated thrice. Less

program to find first non repeating character in a string c# - three ways

My python implementation: def firstNonRepeatingCharacter(inputString): hashmap = {} for x in inputString: if (x in hashmap): hashmap[x] = hashmap[x] + 1 else: hashmap[x] = 1 for x in inputString: if (hashmap[x] > 1): continue else: return x return "No nonrepeating character found" Less

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Dolphin Technology

Basic MOSFET, CMOS questions were asked.

11 Answers

Hey, you should feel glad that you weren't accepted by them. This company is very cheap and doesn't treat its employees well. Less

I guess...but it is not the right way to interview candidates don't you think?

That's really sad. They should rather go with Skype or any other means to interview. Now,. I have got an on-site call for Digital circuit design and I am giving it a serious thought 🤔 Less

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