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What are some of your weaknesses?

3 Answers

That sometimes I am too attentive to detail. I know this may be said alot, but it is true, I tend to pour over details to make sure there aren't any errors, which could sometimes consume too much time.

was there a drug test? urine or hair?

Employment offer is made pending urine drug test.

What's the square root of i?

2 Answers

Arcing is bad for an electrical system, to deal with it we need to characterize it first. How would you measure the Electrical Characteristics of an Arc?

2 Answers

If there was a cyber-attack that completely disrupted the power system, what component(s) do you think that the hackers would try to control or disable?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answer

Asked to describe in detail my project and leadership experience within one of the vehicle teams for the Ohio State University.

1 Answer

Why are man hole covers round?

1 Answer

The interviewer asked about my coursework.

1 Answer

Design a basic AND gate using transistor level logic.

1 Answer

Would you say you learn a lot about a little, or a little about a lot?

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