Finance Manager Interview Questions

Finance Manager Interview Questions

A finance manager handles the financial needs of an organization, including aspects related to tax processing and financial documents. When interviewing for this role, expect to answer questions to demonstrate your financial skills and knowledge.

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Top Finance Manager Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top finance manager interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: Describe a situation that required you to apply your finance skills to meet a tight deadline.

How to answer: When describing any situation in an interview, use the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to highlight what happened, how you handled it, and the result. You can also use this question to highlight your strongest finance skills. Review the required skills in the position before the interview so you can touch on these in your answer.

Question #2: What is your preferred style of management when overseeing other finance employees?

How to answer: A question about preferred management style aims to learn more about the candidate and the way they lead other people. Some managers take a more hands-on approach to leadership, while others allow their subordinates to work autonomously with periodic check-ins. Understanding your leadership style can help a hiring manager determine whether you would be a good fit for the role.

Question #3: How do you avoid errors when managing and creating financial documents?

How to answer: Financial errors can be costly for a business, so it's important to talk about the processes you have in place that help you avoid errors whenever possible. When describing your processes for creating and managing documents, include any safeguards that you use to check for errors before sharing or submitting the documentation.

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The Home Depot
Manager of Finance was asked...November 9, 2011

If a customer asked you how much paint we sell in a year and you had to calculate it on a napkin during a meeting, how would you do that?

3 Answers

I'd dip (dunk) that napkin in my glass of wine and ask the interviewer if that was close enough to the truth... Less

I don't understand why a customer would need to know this, nor is it their right/ business to know. And without knowing the cooperate policy, I would direct them to speak to a manager. (Now I'm curious what this scenario constitutes 'paint') Less

A lot


If you could know for sure either the Sales, Costs, or Advertising Costs associated with launching a new product which would you choose?

1 Answers

I chose Costs thinking if you knew the marginal costs going forward you could work around the rest. Asked some classmates their thoughts some agreed others thought Sales would be better to know. Less


Tell me about your management style.

1 Answers

Hands off. Let the subordinates do their jobs while overseening process. I do not micro manage. Less

Goldman Sachs

Tell me about a time when you were working in a team and your opinion was challenged.

1 Answers

I asked the team member to explain their opinion. No one is perfect, so keeping an open mind when listening to a team member’s response is key. There were times a team member could convince me they were right and other times when I could explain why my opinion may be the better option. Less


Tell me about a time when you received poor feedback on your performance. What was it and how did you handle it?

Pakistan Tobacco Company

What is standard costing?

3 Answers

Standard costing is an accounting system used by some manufacturers to identify the differences or variances between: The actual costs of the goods that were produced, and. The costs that should have occurred for the actual goods produced Less

Deferred tax liability is a tax that is assessed or is due for the current period but has not yet been paid. ... A deferred tax liability records the fact the company will, in the future, pay more income tax because of a transaction that took place during the current period, such as an installment sale receivable. Less

Absorption costing, sometimes called full absorption costing, is a managerial accounting method for capturing all costs associated with manufacturing a particular product. The direct and indirect costs, such as direct materials, direct labor, rent, and insurance, are accounted for using this method. Absorption costing is required by generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for external reporting. Less

Standard Chartered Bank

what to do if you have workload that should be done before the day's end and you have a prior engagement that evening

3 Answers

well, two plan to manage the situation: first, I'll try to reschedule my engagement to extend and finish the workload if I couldn't reschedule it so the second option would be setting time table schedule with a target to finish all the workload before the day ends Less

go for that engagement, finish the work over the weekend



Realizaron nuevos tests en el momento adicionales a los ya completados en forma online.

3 Answers

Respondí con naturalidad y soltura

En que se enfocan la segunda ronda de test? Las preguntas son multiple choice o respuestas escritas? Less

Logica, matematicas, una goma

Coca-Cola Canada Bottling Limited

Why should we hire you or why do you think are the best candidate for this role?

3 Answers

I'm not the best no one too but possibilities are every thing not learn from the vacant room but Learn and compete to others and helps to achieve maximize the organizational goals Less

I can't say I'm the best or perfect because no one is perfect for anything. It's how you analyze the situation and try to adapt with the work culture, extend beyond what is expected from the senior management and add value to the organization. I've done these things in the past and everywhere I have worked before, they're proud of hiring me. Less

As per my 21 years experience in Finance I prefer that I am suitable for this position. I worked in Travel field/ coca cola company Riyadh / Packaging and Printing industrial spare parts supplies companies in Riyadh Less

FEP Group

Tell us about education

3 Answers

I walked them through my education, even though it was already articulated in my CV Less

I hold a Masters in Business administration and a Bachelors degree in Accounting I am a certified public Accountant Less

CPA (K) in good standing

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