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How do you handle irrate customers?

2 Answers

I tell the customer I understand the situation and Ill be more gladly to help you and fix the problem. I understand people have there bad days but my customer service skills might make there day go better.

I have never had an irrate customer

Is the customer always right?

2 Answers

Tell me something you don't like about your current boss.

2 Answers

There weren't really any specific questions for me, it was more of just sit down and chat and they were reading you the whole time to see if you were a good fit.

1 Answer

What would you do if you had to many things to do at once?

3 Answers

Do you have family that works out here?

1 Answer

Describe what customer service means.

1 Answer

If you have five task that are all high priority, how will you overcome this obstacle?

1 Answer

I was applying for an overnight shift and the interviewer asked if I liked to sleep at night or during the day. Did I mention that I was interviewing for the graveyard shift?

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