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Bally Technologies
Software Analyst(Flash Engineer) was asked...July 30, 2017

They have a given game assets and they told us to create a game like in slot-games using Flash Action Script 3.0

1 Answers

I have created a game like slot-game, but not complete game. They just check whether you can do it or not. Less

Docler Media

Mostly technical

1 Answers



Describe the design patterns you use on your daily work.

1 Answers

(open. Ex : facade, singleton, proxy, mvc, etc)

Mango Languages

Can you show some of your past Flash experience?

1 Answers

Yes I have prepared an online portfolio just for this position.


What is assembly language. why it is used. does it have object?

1 Answers

I didnt answer coz it was not related to my filed?

Hypermedia Systems

Why you want to quit your current job

1 Answers

I m enough of it


What is derivatives of bla bla bla.. what is integration of bla bla bla.

1 Answers

18th century question . I preferred to keep mum.

My most difficult question was whether or not I felt more comfortable in Flash or Toon Boom?

1 Answers

I answered, "I felt more comfortable in Toon Boom." Knowing that it was mostly going to be an issue because of Flash's popularity and the fact that it was used more in the design industry. Less


Have I ever used Flash to develop an iPhone App?

1 Answers

No--because Apple had put a ban on using 3rd party authoring tools to create apps... why would I bother (at the time, this was true) Less


As u did MCA tell me syllabus of you first semester.

1 Answers

Why I mean WHY??? Is he completely out of his mind.

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