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How would you scale access to a system like Twitter

3 Answers

There's probably no real correct answer, though the solutions go from common to esoteric in a pretty normal progression: caching, shared-cache like memcache, optimize usage, prefetch, then get creative. This is more about testing reasoning and how far you'll go to solve a problem.

I was thinking geographically distributed servers.


Implement a method to determine whether a string is a palindrome.

3 Answers

Write a method to determine if a string starts with an uppercase letter.

2 Answers

Write a function to print the first letter of every word in a string.

3 Answers

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Lots of questions about arrays, lists and hashmaps

1 Answer

Q: Why multiple inheritances are not supported in Java?

1 Answer

Difference between JDBC and Hibernate

1 Answer

What does the action and method attribute in the HTML <form> tag do.

1 Answer

1.Java Basics. 2.Plethora of Multithreading questions.GC 3.Simple data structure. (BFS) variation 4.Database Basics

1 Answer

If you were responsible for development and launch of a billing system, how would you handle a critical situation?

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