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What's the worst thing you eer broke and how did you cover it up?

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I gave them a story of formatting a shared LUN but assured them I covered it up in a way I'd never get caught. Then I laughed and admitted to coming clean to the boss. They respected me for coming clean and seemed to enjoy that I was loose enough to joke about the coverup.

How could you transfer chunks of files (>1TB) over network and how would you design a solution ?

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Why do you want to join chewy

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What I used for Linux auto deployment management

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You have a server that can pull data from the outside world, but not receive it. What do you do?

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Linux fundamentals and infrastructure design

How did you get interested in computers

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Standard whiteboard coding problems, like finding bugs in existing code, and reading/parsing text files.

Know every directive in apache and be able to explain in explicit detail how each works. Know how to explain in detail forking, there were questions about Veem. AllowOverride KeepAliveTimeout MaxSpareServers MinSpareServers Options

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