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Management Trainee Program Interview Questions


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What is your mission in life?

3 Answers

To work hard and be successful - it didn't fly.

To kill all people who ask stupid interview questions.

To be the very best, like no one ever was

Why enterprise?

1 Answer

Say you start with the company at _________ salary; after five years, what do you hope to make?

1 Answer

What was your biggest complaint with my previous co-op?

1 Answer

Why don't you have any sales experience?

1 Answer

Have you ever been to Buffalo?

1 Answer

Tell me about what you're studying.

1 Answer

You have all the funding in the world as an entrepeneur, what do you do?

1 Answer

Group case interview observed by senior directors. Candidates took turns to express individual observations, and then it was opened up to group discussion with a goal to reach a consensus (no right or wrong).

1 Answer

What are 10 things you can do with a baseball bat? How many windows are in NYC? How would you convince your friends to buy Burger King instead of Micky Ds

1 Answer
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