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what experience do you have pertaining to the position.

3 Answers

I told them that i buy used cars for myself to drive and then i sell them for a little profit. They said that this was a conflict of interest. i was like huh? thats rediculous.

Well that is a conflict of interest. What happens if you decide to offer a bit more than the company would for a vehicle personally, in order to make that profit for yourself? That's where it is a conflict of interest.

Maybe they don't hire people who can't understand a conflict of interest. Maybe they just don't hire people who can't spell 'ridiculous'. Furthermore, maybe they don't hire anyone who is "like huh", as you claim to have been at the time of the interview. You sound like you have a low IQ.

Name three words to describe yourself

4 Answers

How do you deal with difficult customers?

2 Answers

They asked me no questions during the "phone interview"...

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What motivates you?

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What are 2 qualities of people you cannot work with, and what are 2 qualities of people you work best with?

1 Answer

The most difficult question was when I was asked to describe my own personal best customer service experience. It seemed like an odd question that would be irrelevant to what I could bring to the company

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What experience I have that I could bring to this position, and to this company?

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Why is direct marketing becoming more popular than indirect marketing?

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What would you do when first meeting a customer?

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