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The case interview was a 90-min prep session alone with a packet of about 20 pages of information to process and brief recommendations on to two interviewers. Basic MBA knowledge is needed for the level of information, nothing more. Consulting firm-style case interview skills won't be useful. The case is nothing crazy, but designed as a pressure situation to see who can analyze date, organize a coherent line of thought, and communicate that effectively in the time given. It is a fair barometer and if you find the situation difficult, then you probably don't belong in the program. If you enjoy it, then sign up. It's similar to what you'll be doing for two years.

They had us do a role play exercise with a current employee, regarding how we would deal with a difficult subordinate as a manager. We had about 10 minutes to read a mini case that prefaced the background information and then had to deliver how we would handle the situation.

Work cases about how would you behave in different situations

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First round: 5-8 behavioral questions. They just want to understand your past experiences and personality, strengths, how you work on teams, leadership roles you've played, and so on Second round: It's a case study, but not like one given by McKinsey or Bain. With this interview, you're given all the data up-front. It's a 10-15 page case. Your job is to figure out the main problem and how to resolve it. They put you in a room on your own where you'll have 15-30 min. to read and prepare it.

Tell me about a time you saw an opportunity to take action to make an improvement and what did you do?

Tell me about a time you faced change within your organization and how did you deal with it?

• Many of the questions are behavioral, and a couple are Google-like. They do want specificity in your answers, and job application

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