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Write a function that returns true if the input is a palindrome.

3 Answers

I found this question to be very interesting. I did answer it correctly, but it definitely got me thinking.

This is a typical question. Treat the input string as an char array. Traverse the array and compare with the char [indexes] in a loop like this: len = inputstring.length(); (for i=0; i

Anonymous, is good your answer, but in the code you must to fix convert if (inputstring[i] != inputstring[len-i] into if (inputstring[i] != inputstring[len-i-1] because i starts with 0, not 1.

"You have 30 minutes to show us what you've got."

2 Answers

Discuss your experience and why you are interested in the position?

What is your knowledge of Twitter Bootstrap?

1 Answer

Code reference websites used, favourite projects, what language/project was a struggle for you.

Front end web development and back-end database connectivity questions.

1 Answer

What is closure in Javascript? Rules for CSS priority.

What is your dream job?

1 Answer

What are three adjectives that describe you?

1 Answer

What is your ux research process?

1 Answer
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