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Why are you leaving the current firm.

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For Career Growth, but should justify with Goals of what Growth we look for.

If a Manual tester reports that when logged in from one account, seeing some details of a different account. How will you handle it.

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1. Have you ever been required to regularly account for 45 second intervals and to check list all you do on each shift? 2. Describe a time where you worked through a disagreement that was not easily resolved? With each no further context was provided. 3.Are you willing to work all the time? 4. Are you easy for your management to communicate to? (Paraphrased for brevity) ..

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Write script to extract and summarize info from a log file.

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Where you want to be in next 5 yrs

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Given two six sided dice that produced a unique color based on the sum, what would you test for to ensure that it was working correctly.

I was asked about my approach to resolving Software Performance problems that I had encountered in the past.

Depends on requirement, I have go thru all of them very well

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Technical scenario is provided and asked to approach towards the solution, this is something that can be achieved through real experience, there is no time limit set so felt free to express various strategies and approach.

Puzzles like "blind bartender's problem" and using 2 candles to measure time.

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