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1. Have you ever been required to regularly account for 45 second intervals and to check list all you do on each shift? 2. Describe a time where you worked through a disagreement that was not easily resolved? With each no further context was provided. 3.Are you willing to work all the time? 4. Are you easy for your management to communicate to? (Paraphrased for brevity) ..

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I received no call. I have excellent and broad range of experiences and exceed the qualifications for the position. I have always been consistently productive and well liked by my colleagues and supervisors. Considered Responses to the interrogation: 1. I have served in settings where I accounted for 30 second intervals though that question was not asked nor was I given the chance to respond. I am trained and well skilled in multiple areas of high technology. 2. I tried to convey the urgent need for a protective cover over a vessel because there was a real threat of suffocation should someone poke their head into leavening mixing vessel. The managers disregarded my warning. I appealed to them at different many times. It turned out that I was too reasonable. They did nothing and a colleague peered in the vessel with his head inside portal, passed out, fell in and was ground up by the vessel agitator. It would have been served everyone's welfare best had I contacted OSHA enforcement. I left that company. What I learned is that arrogant management maintains a persistent barrier to reason. can cost the lives of our colleagues and sometimes someone needs to quit to get their attention. Yet sometimes management is so arrogant nothing can be done that will prevent your colleague's death. Some will live with the pain of it while other will dismiss the matter as the responsibility of someone else... (the definition of a corporation- by the power of ego I make the stock holders money under the premise that shared responsibility is no responsibility). 3. I am a hard and diligent worker. I willing work overtime for a cause and not for the money, but you better pay me well if you want me to do it next time. I will defer to your judgment so long as you are reasonable. I will demonstrate respect but you better do likewise, Don't expect me to be silent while you, your managers or someone else self destructs or is harmed. I would promote the demise of the company if I did otherwise. 4. I can take orders. But consider that success does not easily come from dolling out directives since adjustments are made only in response from unmet expectations. Most people do not work at their best like that. We need to understand each other and have mutual goals, expectations and timelines and timely feedback in both directions. It should hope that I let water go under the bridge so you can learn and grow, you will do the same for me. We both shall choose to not hold each other hostage to errors or mistakes. Although we may consider our past experiences as we both grow a better future. There are no disposable people, they all matter as much as you or anyone does. From the greatest to the least all have great value.

If a Manual tester reports that when logged in from one account, seeing some details of a different account. How will you handle it.

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Why are you leaving the current firm.

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Where you want to be in next 5 yrs

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Write script to extract and summarize info from a log file.

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Given two six sided dice that produced a unique color based on the sum, what would you test for to ensure that it was working correctly.

Given a binary search tree write an algorithm that converts the tree into a linked list which is space minimal.

Given an integer matrix that is sorted ascending in each row and each column write an algorithm that find an integer X or returns false.

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I was asked about my approach to resolving Software Performance problems that I had encountered in the past.

Technical scenario is provided and asked to approach towards the solution, this is something that can be achieved through real experience, there is no time limit set so felt free to express various strategies and approach.

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