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Senior Java Software Engineer Interview Questions


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Design Rest api on for e-commerce website Check number set bits for integer check if graph is bipartite Design question on throttling.

I don't remember any of the tech questions they asked. I think there were a few database join questions.

No real problematic technical questions asked ... just the very general Java questions ...

Lots of technical questions ... looking for lots of detail that most software engineers wouldn;t know or care about.

public class Person { Person father; Person mother; Gender gender; Integer age; List children; int level = 0; public enum Gender { Male, Female; } } For the above class, you basically have to implement 2 methods. public List getOldestSisters() public List getGreatestAncestors()

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Place 8 queens on chessboard where they cannot kill each other.

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Write code to compute fibonacci numbers. Iteratively and recursively. Then discuss the pros and cons of each.

They ask you to design a system to solve a specific problem

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why Halloween comes before Christmas?

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