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Senior Program Coordinator was asked...February 22, 2021

What were some of the situations that went bad and how did you deal with them

2 Answers

Think about solutions

Think about solutions

Boston University

They were all pretty typical behavioral type questions. I already knew the manager from previously working at BU so we got a bit off topic with things and it turned into more of just a chat than an interview

1 Answers

I was interviewing for a position at Boston University School of Law

Brooklyn Museum

Why are you leaving your current job because your director is fantastic?

1 Answers

This was a terrible question. I don't work much one on one with the director of my current job, and she is not fantastic at all. Why would they ask this? Less

Grant Thornton

Behavioral question: What was one time you were met with deadline that you did not meet.

1 Answers

I was in college and interned at the same time. I had finals and still managed my finals course work while interning. Time management helped me stay on top of my deadlines, I was close to not meeting them but then with time management I came out on top of my deadlines. Less

Carnegie Mellon University

Why this position? Can you see yourself here for 3-5 years?

1 Answers

It was a position that intrigued me upon reading the description.

University of Arizona

Describe a time when you didn't agree with a decision your supervisor made. How did you handle it?

1 Answers

As a Unit Program Coordinator one of the programs I managed was resource advisor where I was in charge of the squadrons finances. The squadron I worked for was a pilot squadron where there were both Officers and Enlisted. Working with military members there is a hierarchy one must be prepared to deal with where Officers are at the top. One of the issues I had was making sure everyone within this hierarchy's needs were met. The Enlisted had a list of items they needed purchasing while the Officers another. The Enlisted wanted a new radio and uniforms and the Commander did not feel there was a need to spend money on these items. I tried hard to make the argument that these were essential items but ultimately he made the decision. I felt bad but I had to go with what my leadership wanted. I was able to compromise other lower items to ensure some of the Enlisted needs were met. Less

Emory University

How do you manage multiple projects simultaneously?

1 Answers

Develop strategy, calendar, task prioritize, etc.

ChildFund International

can not reveal the questions. It was mainly related to child development, Nutrition, health and livelihood related.

1 Answers

Mostly long answers. I was given 1 hour time to write the test

University of Houston

What type of experience do you have in the private sector that would make you the ideal candidate for the position?

1 Answers

Do your research (read the job description, search the website for news, and use LinkedIn for networking) Less

Northwestern University

Q: Explain how you would interact with faculty and the factors that might influence how you work with them.

1 Answers

I provided an example that showed my understanding of acedemia culture and priorities. Less

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