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Given an array & a value x, find if the array contains any 2 values whoes sum = x

2 Answers

def has_sum( l, v ): # assuming more than 2 elements for i in range( len(l) ): _v = v - l[i] _l = l[0:i] + l[i+1:] if _v in _l : return True return False

#include #include using namespace std; bool findIfSum(const vector &x, const int val) { vectory = x; sort(begin(y), end(y)); for (auto i = y.begin(); i != y.end(); ++i) { int diff = val - *i; if (diff < 0) return false; if (binary_search (i, y.end(), diff)) return true; } return false; }

mostly JavaScript, Object Oriented, Angular

1 Answer

Basic reversing a JSON data. Postfix calculations, and high level understanding of your experience with visualizations (D3).

1 Answer

Showed me a piece of JavaScript code and asked me to describe what the code did. It was pretty basic, ajax code with a few library dependencies

Write the autocomplete function

1 Answer

What are the latest frameworks you used?

Given three colors: red, green and blue. Write a function that cycles the three colors (i.e: red->green->blue->red, etc) when a button is clicked.

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In CSS, what's the difference between transition vs. transform

1 Answer

Write a function that accepts a string and returns that string in reverse without using the built-in reverse method.

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